I was made for friday afternoons.
I’m now very aware of that.
I’m NOT made for friday evenings.
I’ll now take off that happy-hat…

As on those somehow blackened nights
I start to feel kind of lonely.
Longing for some warming arms.
But here I am, the one and only…

All by myself, drinking red wine
The weekend at its very start
Why am I here, all alone.
Playing my very last sad card…

I won’t be lonely for much longer
I know my love will finally come.
For those arms around me.
Of all that love, please give me some…

3 reacties op “Longing

  1. Lou-ter-Lou schreef:

    (oh, blijkbaar last van de blogpoeperij vandaag…)


  2. Dina-Anna schreef:

    Beklijvend schrijven. mooi!


  3. th4tg1rl0nl1n3 schreef:

    Andere situatie, maar ik herken me ontzettend in de stukken die je schrijft. Van mij mag je wel door blijven ‘blogpoepen’.


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